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Mr. Telu Gelli is the founder of Tedlo Machine & Tools.  He opened the doors in 1980 and began its legacy of quality and cutting edge machinery.  His vision was create a facility that would house the leading CNC machines and tools of the industry while providing optimum quality control. He began in Mississauga, Ontario and as his business grew and flourished he moved to Oakville and then to Hamilton to a much larger site to serve his customers better.  His vision was to create a household name that the industry would know to trust.  He believed in family, value, quality, hard work and always providing the best service possible.  It is this code and ethical standards that Tedlo Machine & Tools’ management and workers live by.

Our customer care is something we take pride in.  We provide an on time delivery service, a efficient ordering system, competitive pricing and a hundred percent customer satisfaction.

In today’s busy world, every business is looking to save costs and make running a business easy. You can count on Tedlo Machine & Tools to save you time and money.